1% of All Jobs Are Now Set Aside for Transgender People in Argentina

The president of Argentina set 1% of job positions aside for transgender people to allow everyone to have equal rights, including the right to have a productive and decent job.

Now, 1% of public sector jobs in Argentina are waiting to be filled by transgender people, according to the President’s initiative.

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On Friday, 4 September, Alberto Fernandez put his signature on a decree, thus creating a special job quote for transgender people to provide them with more effective protection against employment discrimination.

The decree states that every transgender, transsexual, and transvestite person has the right to do productive and decent work within an appropriate environment and in good conditions, with proper protection and without any discrimination related to one’s gender expression or identity.

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In Argentina, a law was passed in 2012 to allow transgender people to correct their name and gender on official papers and documents without requiring a doctor’s prior approval.

The quote in this new decree is equal to that of the Uruguayan Comprehensive Law for Transgender Persons which was enforced in 2018, and which allocates 1% of government vacancies and educational scholarships to transgender people in addition to applying other useful and progressive regulations.

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Source: gayland.org

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