10 countries where gays are welcomed

10 countries where gays are welcomed

Unfortunately, gays do not feel comfortable everywhere. There are countries where, let’s say, gays are not expected. But, still, there are countries that are glad to welcome gays in their territories. 

If a gay wants to travel to a particular country, he should find out more about the LGBT status there. Otherwise, he is going to have a lot of problems instead of a comfortable vacation, especially if he does not want to conceal his sexual orientation. 

Gays should take into account the following factors about this or that country. They include legalization of homosexual marriages, places, and events for gays in the country. Also, it is important to know the LGBT rights of the country. 

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Here are the 29 countries where same-sex marriage is officially legal l GMA Digital

The countries where gays can come easily are indicated below.


Canada. It’s a paradise for gays. It seems like this is the only country where its leader led a gay pride parade. Events for homosexuals are supported by the government here. 


Spain is popular for its Gay Pride events. About 15 events take place annually. In Spain, homosexuality was legalized in 1979, and homosexual marriage became legal in 2005. 

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The Netherlands

The Netherlands was the first country to legalize homosexual marriage. The country is known as being the most open-minded in this regard The Netherlands does not have many villages for gay people, yet people are the most tolerant here. A lot of cafés and other places to visit are oriented towards homosexuals. 

The United Kingdom

The United Kingdom has many annual events. Gay marriage was legalized in 2014. 150 Pride events take place annually in the country. Even in schools children, are taught that to be gay is normal. Homosexual communities are in almost all cities in the UK. Where to go and what to look for will not be a problem here. 


Sweden has an official homosexual slogan, and welcomes homosexual travelers. The famous quartet ABBA is also supportive of this. Next year, WorldPride will take place in Copenhagen – this is going to be a fantastic event. Sweden does not have villages for homosexuals, but this confirms a friendly attitude to gays – there is no need for a separate enclave.

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Germany is considered as one of the most gay-friendly countries in the world. Berlin, for example, differs from other European cities in this issue, offering wide diversity of places supportive of homosexuals. There are many things to do in this culturally-rich city. By the way, the first gay village was located in Berlin in the late 1800s.


In Australia, each large Australian city has an active LGBT community. Lots of festivals and events take place here. Celebrities such as George Michael and Sam Smith are famous gay Australian celebrities. In general, this country is a fabulous place for homosexuals.


Taiwan adds Asian charm to this list. In Asia, Taiwan was the first country that legalized gay marriage in 2019. Taiwan has only one large Pride event. The country introduced an option of a third gender on all personal documents. Taiwan has more recently become more liberal towards homosexuals, and the country has a lot to offer. The LGBT god is the first thing to see.


Colombia gladly accepts LGBT representatives. Many cities in Colombia have a lively homosexual scene. Famous festivals and events for gays take place here. Although the country has a problem with machismo, it is not a reason to refuse to travel to Colombia.

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Denmark completes this list. Anti-discrimination laws of this country are progressive. Any homosexuals coming there feel comfortable and safe. To show your feelings in public is not banned. The oldest gay bar is also located here, opened back in 1917, and still welcoming guests from all over the globe.

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