$10,000 Fine for Facebook Likes: Anti-Trans “Feminist” Activist Charged

Next to the judge’s order about the public apology to a transgender female person she had slurred regularly and repeatedly, the woman put her “like” to every transphobic and anti-trans expression posted as a response to the post.

A Canberra radio newscaster, Beth Rep, received an order to pay 10 thousand Australian dollars to a transgender female she had regularly slurred. The official order came next to the woman liking some transphobic comments left to respond to her Facebook post.

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Bridget Clinch, the first out transgender soldier in Australia had been regularly harassed by Rep on social media. Then, in 2018, the newscaster received an order from the human rights commission to apologize in public.

The apology was posted, but later Rep allowed the publishing of anti-trans expressions and comments to remain under the post. Moreover, Rep liked some of those.

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According to ABC, Clinch sued for “damages under the Discrimination Act, alleging unlawful vilification and victimization based on gender identity.”

As the senior member Bryan Meagher SC remarked, Rep’s actions “added fuel to a conflict that the apology was supposed to end.”

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Additionally, they ordered Rep to delete “all posts, statements, information, suggestions or implications” on the topic and avoid posting topical texts further.

Source: dailymail.co.uk

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