18 great lesbian movies where no one is left behind or dead

lesbian movies

Is it too much to want a lesbian character to live?

Surely, often death happens for the sake of the plot. Sometimes it’s unreasonable to let someone live because this way the plot can’t be advanced. And so, the story just can’t happen.

But death happens to queer character more often than straight ones. In movies featuring lesbians, it’s a popular trope for a woman to start date men again after a failed relationship with another woman. Haven’t we seen enough of it? Yeah, we think so, too, and present you 18 movies where lesbians are happy and stay so.

1. But I’m a Cheerleader

lesbian movies
But I’m a Cheerleader

The setting of this movie is pretty dark, as the plot revolves in a conversion therapy establishment. But don’t let it scare you off, because the ending is one of the sweetest from everything you’ve ever seen.

2. Carol

‘Carol’ is so great you’ll find yourself rewatching it again and again. And each time you’ll discover a missed detail, that’ll make you fall deeper in love with the film. Starring Cate Blanchett and Rooney Mara as leads, it is based on the 1952 novel ‘The Price of Salt’. Given the time it was first published, the happy ending for lesbians in its adaptation is surprising and sweet.

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3. I Can’t Think Straight | 18 great lesbian movies

Like all movies from this list, this 2008 movie explored the topic of sexuality. What’s special about it is that the director tried to deal with issues like race and class. The success is debatable, but we still have a heartfelt lesbian romance. The plot follows Tala, busy with planning out her wedding. As if it’s not a hard task by itself, Tala’s life is complicated with an affair with Leyla. We promise you drama, but also a happy ending.

4. Life Partners

First and foremost: you may watch this one on Netflix! Okay, if you’re not gone by now, we’ll proceed. This film is a little more complicated, as it doesn’t include lesbian romance as it is. But it explores a topic some may deem even more important than romance: friendship. As Paige gets a boyfriend, her all-time bestie Sasha (lesbian) becomes somewhat less of a priority to her.

5. Nina’s Heavenly Delights

lesbian movies
Nina’s Heavenly Delights

The premise of this film is sad but so sweet you’ll be grinning like a child when you see it. Upon Nina’s father death, she discovers that half of his restaurant he left for Lisa. And soon they start to discover each other.

6. Kiss Me

Kiss Me
Kiss Me

Another Netflix-streaming film – and a Swedish drama, so you should totally check it out. Nothing stands in the way of a happy life for Mia and Tim, a newly engaged couple. That is until Mia meets the daughter of her soon-to-be father in law.

7. Imagine Me & You | 18 great lesbian movies

lesbian movies
Imagine Me & You

Continuing with films that revolve around someone’s wedding. This time it’s Rachel, marrying Hector. Being a rom-com, ‘Imagine Me & You’ makes everyone happy: you, the viewer, Rachel, the bride, Luce, the girl she meets. And even the bride’s ex!

8. Bound

It is a neo-noir film. A crime thriller. So, yes, someone dies, but the lesbian couple lives! Corky, fresh out of jail, meets Violet, her girl next door. Unable to resist their heart’s desires, they start a relationship.

9. Show Me Love

Show Me Love
Show Me Love

One more Netflix-streaming Swedish movie can’t hurt. This is a story of Agnes and Elin, teenagers, who fall in love in the small town they’re living in.

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10. Gray Matters

Gray Matters

What can be better than a rom-com about two characters falling for each other by accident? Nothing, we agree. Gray, falling in love with her sister-in-law, discovers that, too.

11. Jenny’s Wedding

lesbian movies
Jenny’s Wedding

Another wedding, you may say. Well, yes, but this time it’s also a cringy movie, so double the amusement. Again, if you don’t want to spend your time on a film of debatable quality, don’t. We’ve warned you. But. Is there a married lesbian couple? Yes. Is there a nice romantic plot? Yes

12. D.E.B.S.

Have you ever felt that ‘Charlie’s Angels’ is too heterosexual? If yes, then your movie of choice is D.E.B.S. It has some good old sweet tropes, like enemies to lovers. Or rather, enemies and lovers, as the main couple here are the heroine Amy and the villain, Lucy Diamond.

13. The World Unseen | 18 great lesbian movies

If you watched ‘I Can’t Think Straight’ and looking for something familiar, we have just the movie for you. ‘The World Unseen’ was directed by the same person and has a similar cast. It is an unusual story set in 1950s South Africa, where two women start a relationship against all odds.

14. Saving Face

Now, that one is for new fans of Alice Wu, the director of the recent Netflix movie ‘The Half of It’. ‘Saving Face’ is her first film, and maybe even more heartfelt than the second. It has a dancer girl, a surgeon girl, and a cute romance.

15. The Incredibly True Adventure of Two Girls in Love | 18 great lesbian movies

The Incredibly True Adventure of Two Girls in Love
The Incredibly True Adventure of Two Girls in Love

Glad that you can copy this title and not type it, aren’t you? Like ‘Show Me Love’, it is a story of teenage love, this time between Randy and Evie, a pair of very different girls. It is a movie about lesbians, but its target audience is all youth. It might as well be based on true events, as the movie shows things we all go through. Some of them are young love and dealing with adulthood while you’re still a teen.

16. Desert Hearts

lesbian movies
Desert Hearts

Lesbian. Western. Drama. We bet you haven’t heard anything like this. Vivian, looking for an effortless divorce, finds it in Nevada. She couldn’t know, though, that she’ll find so much more. Vivian meets Cay Rivers, a sculpture, and a forbidden affair starts. That is because the film set in 1959, and, as we all know, it wasn’t the most gay-friendly time.

17. Better than Chocolate

Better Than Chocolate
Better Than Chocolate

We can easily believe that a Canadian film may be sweeter than chocolate, and the summary only reinforces this thought. Maggie, who moved out of her family home not long ago, start a new, adult life. Kim becomes a part of this life when they start dating. Things seem ideal right until circumstances force Maggie’s relatives to live with her. The twist is that they don’t know about her sexual identity.

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18. Disobedience | 18 great lesbian movies

lesbian movies

One more film that explores one’s sexuality in conservative communities. Ronit goes home from vibrant NY to (stereotypically) rainy London. The reason for her visit is the death of her father, so it’s factually incorrect to say that no one died in this movie. Still, the lesbian body count is zero. Ronit is from a rather conservative community of Orthodox Jews, so her sexual identity crushes with the societal norms as the plot develops. Ronit falls in love with an old friend of hers, Etsi. Etsi is long married to a man, but becomes involved in a lesbian relationship, nevertheless.

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