5 Gay Movies on Amazon Prime

Use Amazon Prime for more. Amazon is more than just a tech company.

Signing for Amazon Prime I wanted my purchases to be free of the shipping fee. I had no idea that Amazon Prime membership is much more than that. I got free books and music, hundreds of thousands of them. Not to mention the photo storage!

But that’s not all. One of the best perks is that you gain possession of tons of free movies and TV series. There are hundreds of themes and plots. LGBT-themed videos and movies included!

You can watch them all at any time you want, on any device you want. Computer, tablet, Smart TV, iOS and Android smartphones, Roku, and Xbox. Another great feature is that you can download the video on every one of these devices. Do it and enjoy your favorite movies/TV series offline.

In case you don’t know where to start, here are top-5 gay movies streaming on Amazon Prime.

1. Paternity Leave

A stable, loving relationship promises to test itself. A man finds out that he is pregnant with his partner’s child. Amazed and surprised, the couple goes through all the joys and struggles of pregnancy. This is something all people can relate to family, love and complicated relationships.

To enjoy the story you have to open up and believe in the unbelievable. Though we assure you – it’s totally worth it.

2. Waiting in The Wings

(Off-)Broadway and striptease. What hides in such a provocative summary is a mismatch love story – something we all know and love. Tony, played by Adam Huss, is a New York stripper, who gets a role in an Off-Broadway musical by accident. Tony is still a kind of an actor, but will he make it through the theater?

Anthony (Jeffrey A. Johns) is a theater actor wannabe, who instead plays the role of a stripper. He has to figure whether he wants to drop out of it or stip down to stay in New York.

Both men face challenges, sometimes deeply emotional, sometimes amusing. Aside from the main actors, there are Shirley Jones, Lee Meriwether, and Sally Struthers. They all have little but heartfelt cameos.

3. I’m a Porn Star

You never know who your neighbor really is. But not in this neighborhood. The boys here all know each other, and they all are stars. Porn is a gigantic industry – and a lucrative one. Knowing this, the boys in the movie tale their chances and become famous on the Internet. 

Please be aware that there are some strong language and sex.

4. The Surface

Evan, an orphaned college student, never had what most people have. When he gains possession of Peter’s childhood videos, he sees a chance to live through a normal youth. It reaches parts of Evan’s soul he never knew of. Watching the footage he starts to understand himself. As well as concepts of family, love, and fulfillment.

5. Mulligans

A summer holiday becomes something more for Tyler’s father. The man slowly realizes that he’s attracted to Chase. A scandal breaks out as the family discovers the affair.

But the main question is – does he deserve the second chance?

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