5 Netflix LGBTQ movies to watch and chill with your man

5 Netflix movies to watch and chill with your man

Searching for a movie to watch with your bae on a gay date night? Stop. You’ve found the right compilation.

Once innocent, now ‘Netflix and chill’ is an innuendo known by thousands. The phrase dates back to 2007 when Reed Hastings and Marc Randolph created Netflix. At that time to ‘Netflix and chill’ meant ‘ to have a good time watching a movie, quite probably alone’. 

But today it has lost its original meaning. Thanks to social media, it became a modern kind of ‘Would you like to come to my place for a drink?’. To put it simply, the phrase is a hookup suggestion. 

But one thing didn’t change: to chill, you need Netflix. So, we recommend these movies to go with your perfect night. Whether you’re not looking for something serious or planning a steamy date with your man.

1. Weekend (2011)

Friday evening morphs into a party night for Russell. He ends up in a gay club, where he meets Glen. A brief hookup becomes something more than just a one-time thing, as men get to know each other on the weekends. An encounter they will not forget.

What makes this movie great is that it portrays universal struggles. The quest to find one’s authentic self and how to make the most out of it. At the same time, it’s a tender story of two men falling in love with each other.

2. Five Dances (2013)

Chip’s life is changing fast. He has recently moved to New York, he’s 18 and struggling to make his way through in the dance industry. The plot follows him as he has to choose to make a career for himself or go back to Midwest to help his family.

The visuals of this movie are stunning. Some of them are cute boys and overwhelmingly beautiful dance scenes. 

3. Presque rien (Come Undone, 2000)

It’s a hot and thrilling story of Mathieu and Cédric. A tourist enjoying attractions of the French coast with his family and a local boy. Cédric and Mathieu are strangers, who meet accidentally. They grow fond of each other quickly and embark on a love journey. They go skinny dipping under the stars and dance on the beach naked and make love on the dunes. As their bond grows stronger, Mathieu has to deal with his family. At home there is a sick mother, an absentee of a father, and a sister who’s constantly getting on his nerves.

4. Handsome devil (2017)

Love knows no boundaries and no restrictions. Sometimes, though, it’s hard to face them. Two students of an all-boys boarding school in Ireland follow the ‘friends to lovers’ trope. And more – they exceed it, breaking hearts and rules along the way. 

The movie has some more cliches. The presence of a mentor-teacher, secretly gay jock, and the loner geek, but those don’t make the plot worse. Handsome Devil is a heartfelt movie about falling in love and trying to make the right decisions.

5. Notre Paradis (Our Paradise, 2011)

In the past, Vassili was a successful young thief. Now he’s old, but still a thief and doesn’t know how to cope with his age. Externally, though, he is merciless towards anyone who comments on it. Once Vassili strangles his client for making such a mistake. The same night he finds an unconscious young hustler in the cruising park. Vassili decides to take the boy under his wing. Soon they develop a relationship, but, at first sexual, it becomes something more for them. 

Vassili and Angelo become partners in life and crime. As Vassili’s past comes haunting him, the pair decides to run away from Paris.

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