A Court in Hong Kong Denied Equal Marriage Legalization. Again.

Some blended words were given out by the court in Hong Kong on the LGBT+ people’s rights protection. There were two verdicts, concluded making LGBT+ campaigners win and lose once.

A gay homeowner was favored by the High Court there. Nevertheless, they denied equal marriage recognition once more this time.

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Edgar Ng, a gay homeowner who applied for judicial review in 2019, now has the judicial right to be the equal real estate owner, sharing the ownership with his husband.

The legal bid was initiated by Ng after he revealed that his husband named Henry Li Yik-ho, won’t be able to inherit the house they live in together because of the lack of their marriage recognition by Hong Kong officials.

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Though the second High Court conclusion published on the 18th of September, was not that positive, as the judge refused the recognition of equal (same-sex) marriages once again. Yes, same-sex civil unions are currently remaining illegal in the region.

Source: www.pinknews.co.uk

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