A horrible homophobic attack near McDonald’s in Preston, England

A horrible homophobic attack near McDonald’s
Ryan Williams/Facebook

Shocked gay man admits he’d never imagined this would happen to him.

Despite the fact that today is much safer for gay people than it was even ten years ago, homophobia isn’t defeated. A young gay man was brutally beaten up on the 14th of July for nothing more but himself.

The incident occurred in Preston, England. After a sleepless night, Lancashire receptionist Ryan Williams didn’t get a chance to get to McDonald’s as he wanted. As he approached the fast-food restaurant, he was attacked by a homophobic man. He left Williams seriously injured so that he had to be taken to the hospital.

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The local policeman reports that Williams suffered severe facial damage, and he was left unconscious by his assaulter. The man responsible for the crime run off with another man and a woman, who were with him. The crime is being investigated.

Ryan Williams spoke to the press.

Recalling the incident, he told what caused the assault. He said that, after hearing homophobic comments, he told the assaulters that what they’re saying is not okay. After that, he was beaten up.

Wanting the public to know about the attack, Ryan posted a picture of his injured face with a rightfully outraged caption. The man expressed his disgust toward homophobia and homophobic people, saying that he never thought such a thing would happen to him.

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He stressed that everyone must understand that being gay is not a choice, and he can do nothing about his own sexuality. Ryan finished the caption with an encouraging message, saying that being gay is normal.

William’s post captured the attention of thousands of Facebook users, quickly gaining support in the form of tens of thousands likes, comments and shares. Mark Hendrick, local MP, reacted with a tweet. He expressed his disbelief that such vicious attacks still happen today.

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