A Little Win For LGTB+ Rights: Bolivia May Become Closer To Marriage Equality

Some good news for LGBT+ activists in Bolivia! Recently, a court has annulled a 2019 ruling of the Civic Registry Service (Serecí) that prevented same-sex couples from arranging civil unions.

Slow progress to equality?

Now Bolivian human rights activists hold their breath to see what occurs next. Nobody knows how the Serecí will respond to the judgment. The decision, supporting same-sex couples was issued by The Second Constitutional Chamber of the La Paz Court of Justice. They based their resolution on the Inter-American Court of Human Rights verdict, which establishes marriage equality. That ruling has played an immense role in the recent legislation of same-sex marriage in other countries in Latin America such as Ecuador and Costa Rica.

The Second Constitutional Chamber court has stated that Bolivia must follow international laws on human rights.

However, the Serecí may appeal against this judgment in the near future. Or there is another scenario that wouldn’t be better. It may allow same-sex couples to create ‘unions,’ which doesn’t mean the same as marriages. The government could easily limit the rights of such ‘unions,’ possibly blocking Bolivia from moving to equality.

Although the future of this case is unclear, after all, it seems the situation with same-sex marriage rights in Bolivia is improving a little bit.

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