A moment to live – a lesbian long-distance relationship

A moment to live – a lesbian long-distance relationship

Life is a complex thing, especially concerning relationships. When you become older, you understand that you can’t live without a certain person. It is a sign of a perfect feeling called love. Different couples all over the world have problems. They are connected to many things.

The most important problem for lots of them is a long distance between the couple. It is rather hard to live without your partner. You can’t express your love or remain calm and quiet. Everyday routine makes us feel different. So, everybody needs support. Your girlfriend can be the person who will really help you.

How to make it work?

Being separated is a challenge for everybody. Just imagine you live in one city and your girlfriend lives far away from you. Sometimes you can be divided by hundreds of kilometres. And you have to put up with it. If your love is really strong, nothing can prevent you from expressing your feelings.

The main thing about any relationship is understanding. If you live far apart from each other, you will have to find ways to communicate. This aspect is the main tip for lesbian relationships. 

The key point for long-distance lovers is honesty. Communication here is one of the main aspects. You should clearly understand that hiding problems is a road to nowhere. Even living far apart from each other, there are lots of ways to talk to each other.

Skype, messengers and mobiles were created to make our lives easier. The only thing that must be discussed is the time difference. You can live in different countries. The difference in time can spoil everything. Plan everything beforehand. If you are working, your partner must know about it. Try to find time for each other. If you are sincere and open-hearted, it won’t be a problem. 

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Honesty always implies feelings of respect. Talk to your partner about your plans and intentions. It will be useful for both of you. You can tell her about your expectations and feelings. Everybody must understand what to expect from this union. Misunderstanding always leads to quarrels and problems. Lay your cards on the table before planning serious relationships. 

Online life – how to live?

lesbian long-distance relationship

We live in a world of high technology. Everybody has smartphones or tablets. This is one of the ways to support relationships. It is always pleasant to get a message from your girlfriend with sweet words. It will be a good solution for both of you. 

Distance is not a reason to break everything apart. You can communicate via different social networks, text messages and video calls. Another useful tip here is the rules for communication: 

  1. Set the time;
  2. Avoid public places;
  3. Be reasonable;
  4. Respect your partner.

If you want to talk to your girlfriend, it is not a problem. You can set a time when nothing will disturb you. You can talk in the evenings or the mornings. In the daytime, you can face some problems. You can be at work.

The office is not the best place for relationships. Your colleagues could become furious at you. It is also connected with public places. When you are on the bus or in a taxi, it is not a good time to talk to anybody on the phone. It is just impolite towards other people. You should always be reasonable about what you are doing.

Don’t forget to respect your partner’s feelings. Sometimes it happens that you can’t answer the phone, or you can’t return a text message. There can be various reasons for this. Learn to wait – this is a key point for strong relationships.

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Try to make your union alive. Your romance must develop. It is always pleasant to get a short message with romantic words. Say “Good night” and “Good morning” to each other. No matter how far apart you are, these tiny things will help you. 

Don’t exaggerate the problem

A long-distance relationship is hard, but you can try to make it easier. You can be the victim of your desire. You will spend hours talking on the mobile with your girlfriend. At the same time, the days will fly by. You won’t even notice how your life becomes online.

Everything must be done reasonably. If you spend hours online, you will be able to do absolutely nothing. You won’t be able to work and keep your house or flat clean. If you start quarrelling about the long distance, this will lead to a bad outcome. Everybody must understand that you have your own life. Resentment can even be the result of health problems. It can lead to more serious problems.

You must lead your own life. Nobody has the right to stop you doing anything. Long-distance has never been the reason for concentrating only on love affairs. If you want to live a good life, plan your time. Try to compromise with your partner. Explain your desires and needs. You can’t spend 24 hours together, and you have to put up with that. If you are both content about your union, you will both be happy. 

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Planned meetings

You can’t live your whole life online. Meetings are necessary, especially if you want to maintain a good long-distance relationships. Try to plan your meetings for some periods. It will be a good solution if you are able to travel somewhere together. If you live in different parts of the world, the way out is clear.

You can visit each other several times a year. You can go to your girlfriend, and invite her to visit your place. You can even travel somewhere together. It will create a romantic atmosphere. It is always pleasant to discover something new. Travelling alone is good, but can be boring sometimes. Having your partner with you will make it more interesting.

Be ready to sacrifice and be patient

A long-distance relationship requires a lot of patience. It implies hard work from both sides. When you decide to start a long-distance relationship, you should do your best to maintain it. You must both contribute something to this union. Without this, it will soon break apart.

First of all, you must be ready to sacrifice everything for the sake of your partner. But everything must be reasonable. Distance makes people crazy. You will be ready to forget about your friends and relatives just to spend time together. But this is not the best way. You should balance love affairs and real life. 

Sometimes the choice is rather difficult. You will be ready to leave everything and rush to your lover. Don’t forget about your friends and parents. They also need tender loving care.

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Don’t forget to visit them, especially your parents. No matter how they look at your love affairs, don’t forget about them. Don’t be rude to your girlfriend if she can’t join you tonight. There may be some problems in her family. Be patient, and this will be a good solution for your relationship.

Set goals for periods

When you are planning a long-distance relationship, you must set goals. These goals must be observed as short term and long term. As for short-term goals, these are relatively easy. It may include meeting every weekend. This is not easy if you live in different countries. If you live in the same country, everything is possible. Having a driving license and a car will be of great use. You just get in your car and drive to your love. It is always pleasant to spend time together. This short-term goal is easy to achieve. 

As for long-term goals, they are various. In the beginning, try to find a college in one city. Studying together is a good way to strengthen your relationship. If you are already adults, try to find jobs in the same city. Don’t look for two jobs in the same company. The boss will hardly understand your desire to always be together. Working in the same city is a good way to be close to one another. 

After that, you may think about living together. If you don’t have your own house or flat, try renting one. Living together will check your love. It is good for both of you. You will try to live together with different characters and views. If you have quarrels or misunderstandings, it may be time to think everything over. You must clearly understand that everybody contributes to coexistence. 

Keep independence at hand

Love is a complex thing. You will never have enough of it. If your long-distance problems influence your life, something must be done about them. You should understand that your world is not limited to one person. You can’t be together due to certain circumstances. Both of you must understand that. You must be independent. You must have some privacy. One person can’t become the whole world for you. You must add something to your love.

Trust your partner

A good sign of any healthy pair is trust. It doesn’t matter if you live together or apart. It is easy to become paranoid. You don’t need to concentrate only on your love affairs. You must trust each other.

The more you think about it, the more difficult your affairs will become. If one of you likes to spend evenings with friends, it is not a sign of betrayal. Try to talk about it. Don’t keep it inside. These feelings will spoil your life. The more misunderstandings you have, the more problems you may face later. It can even lead to falling out. 

Make presents and surprises

lesbian long-distance relationship

If you can’t meet each other for a long time, it is not a problem. Find a way to remind your girlfriend about your feelings and emotions. You can send her a box of sweets or flowers to make her happy. It will be a nice surprise for her. Don’t wait for something in return. Do it with your best intentions. If it is real love, she will find a way to do something for you. 

Don’t just concentrate on presents. Write letters to each other. It will add some romance to your life. It is always pleasant to get a letter from somebody. In the world of high technologies, we have got used to e-mails and messages. A written letter will be a nice surprise for both of you. Lots of people from all over the world keep them for years. 

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So, being far apart from each other is really hard. It’s up to you to make it easier. Find ways to support your love. These tips will be helpful. No matter how long you are in a long-distance relationship, they will be helpful for both of you.

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