A New Move In Mexico’s Legal Battle Over Same-Sex Marriage

Promising news for the LGTB community in Mexico! The latest court battle over marriage equality will be a big moment for the whole country. Mexico’s Supreme Court’s verdict can become epoch-making if it decides that states can’t keep their restrictions on same-sex marriages.

Marriage equality (or inequality?) in Mexico

The situation with gay marriages in Mexico is complex. Although the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation made them legal in 2015, same-sex couples have to overcome a number of obstacles on the way to official recognition in some states. 

The court concluded that state regulations that limit marriage only to straight couples are deemed discriminatory. However, Mexico’s Constitution doesn’t permit the court decisions to improve the local rules directly. This resulted in a controversial picture as, in some states, same-sex partners can marry without any trouble, but they need to spend tons of time and effort on legal battles to marry in other states.

The new Supreme Court case can change everything. If the LGTB supporters win, it will make 21 states that haven’t yet confirmed marriage equality finally establish same-sex marriages.

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