A “Queer” Identity is Best for Cynthia Nixon and She Explained Why

Cynthia Nixon, one of the stars of the Sex and the City series, recently explained her preference for an identity describing term “queer.”

At 54, in the year 2018, Nixon confirmed identifying as queer preferably to bisexual or lesbian. She decided not to continue answering questions after the interviewer pressured her forward, just replying: “It’s personal.”

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Two years later, she opened up anew on her sexuality in a fresh Attitude interview. There, she explained that she might be identified as gay, bisexual or lesbian, but none of the terms was “particularly right” for her.

Nixon, who split from her husband after 15 years of marriage and started dating her now-wife, Christine Marinoni back in 2004, said: “To say ‘queer’ means, ‘I’m over there, I don’t have to go into the nuances of my sexuality with you.’”

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Despite the fact that her first relationship with a female partner actually was a milestone of her life, Nixon highlighted that it has never been that “lightbulb moment” for her.

Source: attitude.co.uk

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