A Statue Of A White Supremacist Will Be Replaced With Billy Graham

The US Capitol’s Statuary Hall will go through some transformations in 2021. A statue of a white supremacist is planned to be removed. Moreover, it will be changed to a statue of Billy Graham. However, not everyone remembers his words about LGBT+ people. The prominent Christian figure described homosexuality as a ‘perversion’.

Graham will be placed instead of Governor Charles Aycock from North Carolina. The congressmen decided to get rid of the statue of Aycock due to its problematic background. Aycock was the mastermind of a race riot in Wilmington when a local administration composed of black representatives was overthrown and replaced with white members.

Billy Graham and LGBT+ community

Graham was an outstanding evangelist who won millions of hearts all over the country. He stood against racial discrimination and declined to segregate people attending his gatherings. He was also a friend of Martin Luther King Jr. and expressed his support for black ministers.

At the same time, Graham, who passed away in 2018 at the age of 99, strongly opposed the LGBT+ community. He thought that homosexuality was a ‘sin’ and even said that it was ‘a sinister form of perversion’.

The future replacement will portray Billy Graham as he was in the 1960s, with a Bible. And the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association is assisting with collecting money as the statue costs around $650,000.

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