A violent attack on a girl that was meant to ‘fix’ her sexuality

A violent attack on a girl that was meant to ‘fix’ her sexuality

Teenage boys raped a lesbian during annual Pride celebrations.

The attack happened in Cape Town, South Africa. As the Pride events unfolded, a terrible crime occurred. A group of young men raped a lesbian. 

Police assume that it was a hate crime known as ‘corrective rape’. They managed to capture and arrest two of the rapists, who turned out to be only teenagers. One of them is seventeen and another is fourteen. The third offender was able to escape and now is on the wanted list. Police forces promised to catch him.

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One of the horrible details is that the assault took place during the annual Pride. The main event of the LGBTQA+ celebration was about to happen when the rapists attacked.

Was it a gang assault?

One of Cape Town’s officials has told the news that the raped woman is 25 years old.

As the report goes, she was walking down the street when the man she knows came up to her. During a short conversation, he told her that someone wanted to see her. Lucky for him, the place where the man was inviting her was not far away. 

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When they arrived at the place, he walked the woman to a space behind the house. Two other men were waiting, and after the victim came, they attacked her.

During the investigation, police found out that all three men belong to the Dog Pound Gang. It is a local gang, rather a big and influential one. 

As reported, one of the assaulters grabbed the woman and commented that he wanted sex. After that, the attacker pinned her to the floor, stripped her of her pants, and raped the woman. The others did, too. After that, the victim was released. 

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She ran to her house but didn’t report the rape until the next morning. As it was late, she decided not to wake her family up. But she told her female friend, who contacted the police. 

Then the victim was taken to the nearby hospital. The following morning police started the investigation. Two assaulters were found fast. Both of them are teenagers, 17 and 14 years old. The third gangster is not yet found as he managed to get away.

What is a ‘corrective rape’?

The term appeared in South Africa. It is used to describe a hate crime when rape occurs on the basis of the victim’s sexuality and/or identity.

It has a country of origin because South Africa is the one that has the highest rate of ‘corrective’ rapes. But South Africa isn’t the only country with hateful people in it. Similarly, it’s not the only one in which this kind of crime occurs. ‘Corrective rape’ has been also registered in South American countries and Asia. Both Eastern and Western Europe are on the list, too. As you can see, it is a globally spread crime.

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Dawood Laing is the man who was interviewed by the news. He also told that people of Cape Town are shocked by such a horrendous crime happening in their city. It must feel most terrible. It has occurred during the celebration of all identities, genders, and orientations.

He added one more significant thing, saying that no crime on the basis of sex or age will be tolerated. And it’s important that it was targeted at a lesbian.

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