A Young Boy Committed Suicide After Coming Out

A Young Boy Committed Suicide After Coming Out

A horrible incident had happened in Great Britain. 16-year old Cameron Warwick committed suicide because of bullying at college. The boy lived in the county of Hampshire, Fareham. One September morning young buy was absent from college. As turned out later, he killed himself. The body was located in the woods. 

The mother of the boy said the following. Her son confessed in his inclination at the age of 12. Unfortunately, school mates didn’t approve that and started teasing and mocking. His suicide was probably caused by long-lasting depression. Along with that, Cameron suffered from autism. The local police confirmed that the death was a suicide. This information comes from the colonel Pegg, Portsmouth.

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What Lead the Boy to a Suicide?

Cameron already tried to kill himself 3 years ago. He could hardly stand the bullying of his mates. He started hurting himself. 

Kerry Warwick, boy’s mother, told more after the proceeding. She said schoolchildren did terrible things. They didn’t let him through the passages, called offensive names. They even used the boy as a target, throwing various things at him.

The fact that Cameron was gay annoyed local bullies most of all. His classmates considered it shameful to sit next to him. The boy had an 18-year-old pen-pal. He considered him as an online-boyfriend. They ended their relationship right before Cameron died. 

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Thus, there are 3 main reasons:

  • Bullying;
  • Recent broke-up;
  • Autism and depression.

The Reaction of the Friends and Relatives

Christopher, his ex-boyfriend, was in the court. He was convinced that the boy suffered a lot from other pupils’ insults. His coming out served as a starting point.

Those who were friends with the dead, particularly Bill Ashcroft, said the same. He claimed that one student laughed at his appearance. 

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The boy’s mother told that her son had good artistic skills. His favourite plots were furries (animals that look like humans). Still, some of his works were full of anxiety and showed suicide scenes. 

Consequences of the Bullying 

Accumulated stress had a crucial influence on the boy’s exams. Probably, he couldn’t concentrate and fail. He wanted to get a high maths grade to learn a gaming course. 

Though he passed other exams, maths results really upset him. Mother Kerry tried to cheer him up but didn’t succeed. The father of Cameron said that his disease made it difficult to move on. 

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As for the headmaster of the college, he was not present in the post at the time. Still, he claimed that their policy was against bullying. People like Cameron Warwick often face mental disorders or diseases. It’s important to support them.

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