Gay and love is an online resource delivering news and entertainment from the worldwide LGBTQA+ community. And while there may be many websites with the same goal, but no single one like us. We offer a unique perspective on content which, we are sure, you like. Advice, various entertainment suggestions, LGBTQA+ history, and other information.

Above all, Gay and love is a reliable source of fresh news from all around the globe. Whether you want to educate yourself or dive deep into the word of LGBTQA+ media, this is just the website you need. We have ‘conventional’ types of media as well as modern ones. Some of them are news so that you stay updated, and watchlists – you’ll always have movies to enjoy. To keep your relationship as its best, we suggest you visit the ‘Advice’ section. Aside from that, we present to you: TikTok! We have lots of compilations, so be ready to spend hours watching cutest TiKToks you have ever seen. Plus, if you watch enough, algorithms start working for you. And so you can watch the best LGBTQA+ tiktokers. Finally, some hot new info (not gossip at all!) about celebrities, gay or otherwise. 

Gay and love is for everyone. Visiting this site, you may be gay or lesbian, bisexual or transgender, asexual or aromantic. Queer – or straight. No matter which identity you have, you are welcomed. Out and proud – we’re proud of you, too. In the closet – it’s okay, take your time. Whoever you are, welcome.

Despite the obvious ‘target demographic’, LGBTQ+ people, hello to straight folks, too. We are sure that you’ll find plenty of interesting and useful info.

The ultimate aim of our resource is its reader’s satisfaction. So, if you think of any topic you’d like to see here, feel free to suggest it.

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