Adrian Tam is Expected to Become the ONLY Openly LGBTQ Elected Official in Hawaii

A young candidate for a seat in the Hawaii House of Representatives, Adrian Tam, is expected to become the only openly LGBTQ elected official in Hawaii. This month, the 28-year-old Democratic candidate had a clear win over incumbent Tom Brower and is expected to become a representative of District 22.

In November, Adrian Tam will challenge Republican Nicholas Ochs. Adrian Tam revealed that he’s fighting for the seat in order to add LGBTQ representation to the government of Hawaii.

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He believes that Hawaii is too hard to live in due to the rising cost of living and he wants to change the situation.

Hawaii is known for its extreme liberalism and Adrian Tam has concentrated on making the state’s economy more diverse since the tourist industry is the major engine of the state’s economic development.

As an advocate for the rights of LGBTQ Hawaiians, Tam is working on making the district friendlier to LGBTQ citizens and enhancing the community spirit.

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Tam also proposed to focus on green technology and manufacturing investments, which will allow the creation of more new jobs while taking care of the environment.


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