Advice for Gay Couples: 7 Signs That He Really Likes You

Advice for Gay Couples: 7 Signs That He Really Likes You

In this note, the author brings to your attention 7 signs that the guy really likes another guy. Important advice for gay couples.

Each of us is an individual. Therefore, we provide signals of sympathy to another person in a very different way. People of different cultures use different patterns of communication and one sign can mean the opposite of what a person would expect. However, we can assume some criteria that can be considered as a sign of sympathy from another one.

In the limited dating pool, it is crucial to figure out if the one you like is gay or not. Then go with all these signs below. So let’s begin.

He initiates contact with you

If a person finds you good-looking he will try to spend more time with you that is he starts talking to you or initiates communication more often than it is required. For example, for work project implementation. If he invites you to an event or as it seems to you tries to find any excuse to talk to you it is a good sign that he enjoys you.

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He listens to you. Advice for gay couples.

If a guy listens to you with great interest, asks questions, argues with you on some points, shows attention to your answers and remembers some part of your last conversation it can be an encouraging sign for you. From one side it means that he intends to investigate you (people can do it to protect ourselves). And from another side it is the way to reveal sympathy. 

He compliments you

If a guy has an interest in you, he will give you compliments. Anyhow it doesn’t matter whether the compliment is sincere or not, it is clear that a person wants to please you. Communication with you is of great importance for him, and he is caring about you. 

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He tries to impress you

If a guy acts excitedly whenever you are around him, makes jokes or talks about his big or small achievements that he’s proud of it means he wants to see your emotional response. And it is no reason to doubt the sincerity of his feelings.

If there is a sympathy between two people one can note that they repeat actions, phrases or moods of each other. It can happen unconsciously. So if you see that a guy repeats the position of your body, body actions and gestures, facial expressions, or begins to speak as loudly as you do and pronounce words at the same speed as you do, or uses similar words, intonation, the emotional coloring of the speech, know that he enjoys you.

He touches you

When a guy looks for a partner and has feelings for a person around him he experiences an intense desire to touch him or lean in when communicating with each other. A light touch is often regarded to be an act of flirting. Although friends often touch each other in the communication process if you note that a guy feels slightly embarrassed at touching your hand or even hugging you, he has feelings for you probably.

He opens up to you

Sure you accept protecting your personal life as normal and usual. And everyone does the same. If a guy surprisingly begins to share stories about his childhood or pleasant memories with you it is the right sign that he relies on you. His warm feelings to you also can be confirmed if he decides to introduce you to his close circle of friends or relatives.

Moreover, if he opens up who he really is it means the only thing: his true attitude to you is very special.

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He includes you in his plans. Advice for gay couples.

If a guy starts including you in his future plans, it is clear that he is really attached to you. It is most likely a new step in your relationship.

However, sometimes one cannot find in reality any signs of the fact that a guy likes him except for his own feelings. In this case, it would be better to ask yourself whether it can be only your feelings or thoughts that you transfer to another person. Maybe you like the guy but refuse to recognize it and feel something special from his side instead. Please, give a straightforward answer to the question. 

A frank, sincere, and direct talk with that guy may be the best way for clearing feelings of both up.

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