Alaska City Passes An Ordinance To Ban LGTBQ Discrimination

Have you ever heard of Ketchikan? This Alaska town is famous for the world’s biggest compilation of Native American totem poles. But there is another good reason why Ketchikan is in the public eye now. The city stood up against discrimination after a local business had turned a homosexual couple away.

No flowers for same-sex couples?

Earlier this month, the City Council unanimously passed a regulation banning discrimination against LGBTQ people. It happened after a local floral company refused to deliver services for a same-sex wedding. The owner of Heavenly Creations stated that same-sex marriages violate God’s holy truth.

The ordinance is aimed to protect LGBTQ people that don’t fall within the scope of federal law. Although the United States’ Supreme Court confirmed that the Civil Rights Act of 1964 protects LGBTQ people from employment discrimination, the bill didn’t cover plenty of other situations.

The city’s new decree guarantees autonomy for religious foundations and member-based organizations. It also prohibits discrimination in housing and public accommodations.

The ordinance will come into effect next month.

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