Allowing Gay and Lesbian Marriages is the Main Reason for the Sharp Decline in the Number of Suicides

Allowing Gay and Lesbian Marriages is the Main Reason for the Sharp Decline in the Number of Suicides

The research was conducted in Denmark and Sweden. It showed a decrease in suicide-related deaths among lesbians and gays. It was found that this was due to the legalization of same-sex marriage in the first place.

Details of the Research Conducted

Both Denmark and Sweden allow same-sex marriage. These countries have adopted the law. It makes marriage between members of the same sex possible. This event took place in Denmark 31 years ago. Such a long period has become a favorable base for conducting accurate research. A little less than 30 thousand people were monitored by researchers. They were married to the same sex for more than 10 years.

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The research was aimed at analyzing the number of suicides among gays and lesbians. It was conducted in different periods. 13 years, counting from 1898 and 2006, became the object of the study of analysts. They concluded that the death rate in the first 13 years was 46% higher than in the second.

Several other studies have also been conducted to examine the suicide rate. They were aimed at the surveillance of persons, married couples of all sexualities. It has been proven that married people are less likely to commit suicide. There was a decrease in suicide-related deaths in both Denmark and Sweden. So, this figure was 28% among same-sex marriages.

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The researchers note that the suicide rate has fallen in both countries. This has happened in recent years. But suicide-related deaths among same-sex marriages declined at a much faster rate.

Expert Opinion

Experts say that many other factors can cause suicide among gays and lesbians. These include:

  1. HIV or AIDS disease.
  2. Partner cheating.
  3. Unstable psycho-emotional state.

Experts have identified the main cause of suicide among gays and bisexuals. This was a ban on same-sex marriage in the past. They claim that creating a full-fledged family is the key to a strong mind. This will certainly lead to a decrease in the number of suicides.

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Today, gays and lesbians receive serious support. Recognition of the legality of marriage between members of the same sex gives it. This allows them to feel like full members of society.

Other Study

Other studies have also been conducted. They studied the link between suicide rates and legalizing same-sex marriage. Scientists at Harvard University conducted a similar study 3 years ago. It has been proven that the death rate due to suicide is 14% lower in those States where same-sex marriage is legal.

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