An LGBT Flag Flew over the Kremlin in Moscow

At the city center of Moscow, they used helium balloons to launch a huge rainbow flag into the sky. 

The performance, called “LGBT over Kremlin”, was organized by the artist Alexander Donskoy, who is also a former Arkhangelsk mayor. The rainbow flag hanging to air balloons raised into the air on the Manezhnaya square and flew towards the Kremlin. 

As Donskoy explained, this performance was his reaction for officials raging on LGBT flags on the walls of several state embassies in Moscow that appeared in late July, and also to the crash that unknown persons performed in his gallery at the center of the Russian capital. 

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Alexander Donskoy had been the mayor of Arkhangelsk for three years, from 2005 to 2008. He resigned after they began a criminal process against him regarding suspicion that his educational diploma was fabricated. In 2017, he came out as a gay person and stated his intent to participate in the race for the Russian presidency.

Source: LGBTQNation

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