Ancient Viking Warrior May Have Been Transgender, Researchers Say

The popular perception of Vikings is that they were male warriors, picking on the rich settlements of the British Isles. Surprisingly, their community wasn’t always male-dominated. According to recent studies, a Viking warrior who was buried with honors might have been a non-binary person.

Unusual discovery

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When the richly decorated remains of an upper-class Viking from the 10th century were founded in Sweden, they were initially considered to be a male warrior. However, thanks to a DNA analysis conducted in 2017, it is proven that they are female. The unexpected discovery disputed a generally accepted belief about Vikings as the community with traditional gender roles.

Three years later, scientists have moved even further. Now, researchers have doubts if the remains could actually be matched with one gender identity. They could have belonged to a transgender or non-binary person.

Neil Price, an archaeologist from the University of Uppsala, says the Vikings have probably had a much more complex understanding of their identities than we could imagine.

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The professor adds there is growing evidence that the ancient warriors didn’t perceive gender in the same simplified ways as many people perceive it nowadays.


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  1. Claire

    Cut the bullshit please

    it’s not because a woman was a strong warrior that she was a transgender person

    This is getting ridiculous

    1. Karen

      Get a life

  2. Abby

    If a woman goes into a typically male field, then she isn’t really a woman? Sexist bullshit.

  3. KB

    Saw there was one comment on this post. I figured there was an 80% chance it was ignorant. You did not let me down.

    You did read the part where they’ve spent years piecing this mystery together?

    Just because you don’t believe something is more complicated than you can understand doesn’t mean it’s not the truth.

  4. KS

    Female warriors were not unknown. Transgender has nothing to do with it.