Ann Johnson – A Lesbian Candidate to Add Blue to Texas House

Ann Johnson, the candidate for Texas House by Democrats, is a fighter and wishes her supporters to be aware of that fact.

She’s an out lesbian, not pleased with the Republicans and their hold over the state. Johnson believes she is the one to introduce necessary changes. The campaign she has run against Sarah Davies, the Republican, is thought to be among the most remarkable in the entire state.

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The district could potentially turn the Texas House blue with the growth of liberalism’s popularity among its population.

If Johnson becomes victorious she will be one of only a few out, LGBTQ, political servants in Texas. This is especially meaningful, since, as Johnson has stated, Texas has a lot it needs to do for LGBT+ people and their rights.

She also claimed that the advance of equality is the key to more Democrats being elected.

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As the elections approach, Ann Johnson wishes her supporters to be confident about her and her readiness to stand as their advocate.


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