Bestsellers Author When God Made Light Comes Out As Gay.


Can one be famous, successful, a Christian, and a gay? Yes, as Matthew Paul Turner shows with his own result.

Religious book author announces his sexuality and the upcoming divorce. Among his famous works are children books ’When God Made Light’ and ’When God Made The World.

Dear friends, I have difficult news to share. After much thought, prayer, and counseling, Jessica and I have made the…

Posted by Matthew Paul Turner on Friday, July 17, 2020

Matthew Paul Turner is famous for writing books for children on Christian topics. Recently he has confessed publicly that he is gay. The writer added that after a long time of thinking he and his wife are planning a divorce. He made it known to the fans and followers online, via a Facebook post. Matthew said that over the course of his life his best friend, soulmate, and partner in life was his wife Jessica. Despite this special bond, they feel like it’s best to stop being spouses. That is because Matthew has accepted his homosexuality.

He then shared his feelings about being raised in a traditional community. Matthew says that he has long known about his sexuality, to him, it wasn’t a secret at all. But, because of the circumstances of his upbringing, he couldn’t quite come to terms with it. Mr Turner admitted that he has gone through a rough time denying his true identity even to himself.

Matthew’s journey started long ago when he decided to become more LGBTQA+ accepting. He succeeded in that, but to love others turned out to be an easier task than to love himself. Yet, he fully realized, worked through, and accepted that he’s gay. Now he feels much better. He is ready to continue loving both God and his self, no matter that his sexual identity isn’t ‘traditional’.

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Proceeding, he thanked his spouse. As he says, Jessica has helped him to become a better, truer version of himself. The couple has been together for almost twenty years (take three years). Matthew and Jessica are a fascinating example of a couple. They show how over the years a pair may cultivate loving and respectful relationships. 

He wrote that Jessica has supported him through everything. He wouldn’t be able to complete this journey successfully without her by his side. Indeed, Jessica is an example of a loving wife and partner. 

She wrote a Facebook post of her own, too. The woman admitted these words were the hardest to write. It was touchingly sincere, her saying that over a decade and a half online it was the most vulnerable she has been.

Writing about her husband’s realization, Jessica reported it from her perspective. She added that it was hard for both of them, trying to manage the new relationship for a year. In the end, they’ve understood that it wasn’t the right way, and decided to split. It’s certainly the end of their partnership, as Mathew and Jessica love each other. Besides, they have children. Both of them are happy with the way the situation resolved. Matthew and Jessica think it’s better for them and the kids.

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Matthew‘s confessions gained wide support hot only offline, but on Facebook, too. Many of his friends congratulated him on coming out. One of them wrote that he was proud of the Turners, and told a similar story. She said that her husband is gay, too, and they still have a special connection like they had before the divorce. Matthew’s friend, her ex-husband, and his husband are great friends and a family. At last, she expressed her desire for everyone not to deny their God-given nature. 

Another is a long-known friend of Matthew’s. In their comment, they encouraged him to carry on and welcomed him into the LGBTQA+ family. One more friend readily supported Matthew and Jessica’s decision. They suggested it was the right way both for them and children.

In the end, Mr. Turner appealed to his fans, saying that he’ll continue his writing career. He’s not going to stop contributing to the kids’ literature, as this is the gift he’s extremely grateful for. He also expressed his gratitude towards his publisher.

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Matthew is a specific, but nevertheless a good example of courage. Being an adult man with a Christian background he was able to embrace himself. Moreover, he opened up to his family and the worldwide community. 

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