Big Hollywood star is ready to play a queer superhero

Big Hollywood star is ready to play a queer superhero

Kristen Stewart is the Valkyrie’s love interest? Who knows. Kristen Stewart announced that she’d like one of her future roles to be a queer superhero. Do we want that? Sure we do.

When asked about her current dream role, the actress said that she wants to play a gay character. And it happened way back before Charlie’s Angels reboot premiere, at a Toronto International Film Festival.

Interestingly, only a week before she opened up about being an LGBTQ+ actress. In an interview with Harpers Bazaar, she admitted that she was told to tone down her (bi-)sexuality. Apparently, if she did so, she may get in a Marvel movie. Stewart ignored that disrespectful comment. As she says, she doesn’t want to work with that kind of people.

Despite such comments, it seems like after coming out her popularity only increased. Knowing the actress is a part of the LGBTQ+ community, viewers want to see more of her.

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We all can admit that Kristen Stewart is a bisexual queen. She dated her Twilight co-star Robert Pattinson and Victoria’s Secret Angel Stella Maxwell. More so, she is supportive of gay youth, saying that it was the young who inspired her to come out.

The actress also said that the modern world’s accepting of sexuality is gorgeous. And who knows what will it be in the future?

Stewart’s not only outspoken but brave, too. She was asked how she feels about the wide discussion of her sexuality, but Kristen doesn’t seem to be intimidated. Her answer was that she felt like by hiding personal life, she wasn’t really protecting it.

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Talking about her background, Stewart says that she’s a product of an old school mindset. Which involves not being too loud about one’s sexuality – if it’s not heterosexuality.

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Stewart also talked about bisexuality. She sees it as confusing to other people, to put it lightly. You’re neither strictly lesbian, but not heterosexual either – so, what are you? This is how Stewart describes it.

Going back to the big cinematic series, namely Marvel, we see that over the past few years it became more LGBT-friendly. Among many worldwide trends, this is one of the best. And, seeing it, we can easily picture Kristen Stewart in one of the new Marvel films. Given that the Valkyrie is the queen of Asgard, we can also easily picture Kristen as a co-queen. And so the ‘love’ in the Thor 4 title, ‘Love and Thunder’, gains new meanings.

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