Birmingham Astonished LGBTQ+ Community with a Rainbow Walkway

Birmingham Astonished LGBTQ+ Community with a Rainbow Walkway

The coronavirus restrictions have canceled so many events in 2020. Although Birmingham’s Pride celebrations were not held in May, the LGBTQ+ community recently had an opportunity to enjoy a renowned rainbow walkway. James Cowper, better known as Gavina Vagina and a designer of this artwork, claims that a rainbow walkway vibrates positivity.

The Southside Business Improvement District commissioned the project and the society received it well. Based on the Progress flag, a rainbow walkway isn’t just a symbol of the LGBTQ+ community.

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This artwork shows how supportive and diverse the LGBTQ+ community in Birmingham is. Even though it’s just a crosswalk, it means a lot to those struggling for their rights. It’s a gesture that shows more support.

Julia Robinson, Birmingham’s Southside district manager, said that it was a green light for the Hurst Street walkway that allowed people to truly walk with pride.

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The rainbow crosswalks are now gaining more popularity around the globe. This way, cities want to show acceptance of and support for the LGBTQ+ community so that anyone can cross the street with pride.

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