British Governor Will Force Cayman Islands To Recognize Same-Sex Couples

LGBT+ supporters have been on a long legal battle for same-sex marriages in the Cayman Islands, but it seems the LGBT+ community has reached a very crucial stage now. Recently the local lawmakers blocked the passage of the Domestic Partnership Bill in the assembly. In response to this, the United Kingdom decided to stand up against discrimination.

Marriage in/equality in the Cayman Islands

British Governor of the Cayman Islands Martyn Roper says he has no choice but to push through the legislation on same-sex partnerships. But still, this decision may not be enough for true marriage equality.

When the islands’ highest court upturned the rule allowing a lesbian couple to marry, they claimed that the government should provide same-sex couples with a certain form of recognition. The Assembly’s Premier offered the limited domestic partnership bill as a compromise, but even that the most minimal form of same-sex recognition wasn’t approved by the lawgivers.

Premier Alden McLaughlin suggested that the United Kingdom could push the island to establish same-sex marriage to the fullest, but the Governor would only go as far as enforcing the domestic partnership.

The law is expected to go into effect next month.


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