British Hospital Removes A Sign Listing LGBT As A Mental Disorder


A hospital in southeast England has removed a sign that mentioned LGBT as a ‘mental health disorder’.

Climate justice activist Ellen Gibson spotted a homophobic notice in the reception area of a medical institution in Essex yesterday. She immediately took to Twitter to express her outrage, and many social media users shared her opinion.

Anti-LGBT+ sign

The sign listed ‘LGBTG’ in one row with real mental health disorders such as ‘PTSD’ and ‘seasonal affective disorder’. It would be true to say that the sign seemed to be homemade as it didn’t have any hospital imaginary on it. Furthermore, it didn’t contain any recommendations on what to do if you have mental health problems and need help.

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After Gibson’s tweet caused a wave of criticism on social media, the Princess Alexandra Hospital explained that the sign wasn’t official and confirmed that they had gotten rid of it. The hospital representatives also apologized ‘for any offense caused.’

The World Health Organization excluded homosexuality from its list of diseases in 1990. Psychologists believe that identity can’t be described exclusively in terms of traditional gender roles. Being lesbian, gay, or bisexual is a normal part of human sexuality.


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