British Schools Will Have Lessons Devoted to LGBT

As of the current academic year, British schools will include LGBT+ lessons in their educational programs. According to DAZED, the lessons will be part of sex education classes.

Primary school students will hear about various family models. In secondary school, teachers will speak of sexual orientation and gender identity. All educational establishments in the UK should introduce their programs before the 2021 summer vacation.

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In addition to giving LGBT+ lessons, teachers will raise questions of harassment, domestic violence, sexual agreement, and sexting. This discussion is intended to help young people grow in a diverse and friendly society accepting LGBT+ persons by default.

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Mo Wiltshire, the Stonewall School headmistress, said that it is difficult for her to express how great this life-changing event will be. Generations of young people will attend schools where LGBT+ representatives are not only accepted, but able to get help with troubles they face.

Source: DAZED

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