Catholic Priests in Poland Intend to ‘Cure’ LGBT Representatives of Wrong Sexual Orientation

According to Polish clergymen, a non-heterosexual orientation is not only a sin, but an illness. So, local LGBT community members – lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people – should be ‘cured’ of their diseases.

Together with the government, priests want to ‘treat’ those people to get the “right” sexual orientation. “That sounds like a joke, but it is the official position of Polish Bishop Conference they took during the meeting in Czestochowa” – message from the TVN24 Polish TV channel.

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The 27-page, four-chapter document by Polish bishops underlines the acceptance of a decision to establish original treatment facilities and consultation centers “to help LGBT communities in all 27 Polish bishoprics.”

The leading Polish sexologist, Zbigniew Izdebski, said to TVN24:

“They want to turn homosexuals into heterosexuals, which is as equally senseless as turning heterosexuals into homosexuals.” 

Nowadays, over 100 cities and towns in Poland (about 1/3 of all the country’s territory), are claimed to be “LGBT-free zones” by local officials. 

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Among other things, local citizens place banners in bars, restaurants, cinema halls, theaters and parks telling they don’t want to see lesbians, gays, bisexuals and transgender people there. 


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