Choosing a Dream Attire for a Lesbian Wedding

What if you and your girlfriend have decided to marry? Both of you feel happy for the first time. But soon after, an important question arises: What to wear? The days of hard – to – find attire for a lesbian wedding are gone. Right now, there is a wide range of wedding dresses and other things. How to choose?


This is the most common option. Dresses can be found everywhere. Traditional long dresses with a beautiful veil are always popular. But the dress doesn’t have to be white. You and your partner can choose another colour (blue, pink, etc. ). A dress can be plain or include ruffles, frills, or lace. An important thing to decide is whether one or both of you will wear a dress. 

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A women’s tuxedo looks neat and elegant. A common solution is for one woman to wear a dress and the other a tuxedo. You won’t make a mistake choosing a tux in black. Still, many ateliers and shops offer white tuxedos. They look fresh and modern. Traditionally, the lower half of a suit is represented with pants. But the upper half can be customizable. For example, you can wear a top instead of a jacket. Another variant is a wedding jumpsuit. This is rather unusual and pretty.

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This is what completes the entire image and makes it stylish. Some girls dream about high-heeled shoes. We agree that they add some romance and lightness. But if you aren’ t used to wearing them, buy two pairs of shoes. High-heeled ones are perfect for the wedding ceremony. When the celebration time comes, change them for neat, comfortable flats. 

If you decide on boots, try to select those that are made of natural materials. Artificial materials like cheap pleather will make your feet sweat. Besides, what can be worse than hurting your feet on such an important day? 

Plus-Size Clothing

Attire is often designed for tall, slim people. If you are more petite and voluptuous , there’s a good solution. Go to an atelier instead of a clothing shop. An experienced dressmaker can sew a perfect outfit for any body type. That will also provide you with completely exclusive attire that no one else has.

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Consider This Before Buying

Let’s suppose that you have selected a fantastic outfit for your wedding. A pretty dress or suit that fits you perfectly. But you should realize that you are going to spend the whole day in this outfit. Will it be comfortable enough? A heavy dress or too – warm suit can make you feel unpleasant. The clothes shouldn’t spoil the day you’ve been waiting for.

Try to Stick to One Style

We know that it sounds obvious. But you should be sure that all details match with others. A pretty dress and a pair of high-heeled shoes may look good separately. But when you put everything on together, the shoes may seem too heavy and inappropriate.

Follow these simple recommendations to make your marriage unforgettable!

Image credits: Pinterest, equallywed

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