Could Amazon Smile Begin Giving Donations To Anti-LGBT+ Groups?

Amazon founder Jeff Bezos has suggested the company may transform its rules to allow people to support a wider range of organizations. Does he mean anti-LGBT+ activists? It is still unclear, but a Republican lawmaker pressured Bezos to lift restrictions on donations to conservative Christian organizations during the historic antitrust hearing in Congress.

Donations to make the world a better place

Shopping with Amazon is a pleasurable activity that helps millions of people. Amazon Smile provides the customers with the same services and products as the usual Amazon online retail company. However, when you use Amazon Smile, they donate 0.05% of sales to charity projects.

More than one million charities are working with the service, allowing shoppers a wide array of options to choose from. Although those donations from Amazon might look tiny, they have added up to $200million collected for good causes. Nowadays, some charities can’t work with Amazon, as the world-known retailer bans organizations if the Southern Poverty Law Center considers them as a hate group. Will this rule change?

Recently, in a conversation with Republican Matt Gaetz, Bezos admitted that the system is imperfect. Gaetz, in turn, insisted that Amazon should change the rules and start to support ‘mainstream Christian doctrine.’

Will Bezos accept it? Only time will tell.

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