Detroit Archbishop Bans LGBTQ Catholics From Congregating In Church

Being a gay Christian can be hurtful, especially when people try to use religion to justify discrimination. The Archdiocese of Detroit has recently excluded two groups of LGBTQ people, banning them from meeting on church property. Moreover, it also prevents priests from saying mass for these people.

Church against LGBTQ people?

What exactly happened? LGBTQ people were prohibited from meeting in any places of the Archdiocese of Detroit. The ban covers two groups: Fortunate Families Detroit and Dignity Detroit.

Dignity Detroit is an organization of LGBTQ Catholics who get together to worship. This group has existed for more than forty years. The second group, called Fortunate Families Detroit, offers help for queer couples and families.

Representatives of the two groups say there are shocked and offended by this move. However, they are planning to continue their work, no matter what. Although priests and churchgoers expressed their support for the groups, the church refuses to withdraw the discriminatory decision.

The Archdiocese insists that this resolution doesn’t mean to hurt anyone. However, it urges individuals who identify themselves as LGBTQ to participate in other Catholic associations named Courage and EnCourage. These groups recommend LGBTQ people to avoid sexual activities.


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