Ellen DeGeneres Allegedly Bullied An 11-Year-Old When She Was 20

Ellen DeGeneres has been seriously criticized after several former staff members reported that they had suffered from racism as well as sexual harassment at work. But that wasn’t all. Recently, Ben Gravolet from Louisiana made a series of claims about Ellen’s behavior when she was young.

Is Ellen DeGeneres a bully and fat-shamer?

What happened more than 40 years ago in Louisiana? Gravolet stated that he met Ellen when she worked for his parent in the 1970s. At that moment, the future TV host was 20, and Gravolet himself was just 11. The boy visited his mom at work from time to time, and that’s exactly when Ellen supposedly bullied him. According to Gravolet, DeGeneres insulted him, criticizing his weight. She called him stupid and fat.

The man added that Ellen acted as “the meanest, nastiest, most horrible person.” That’s why he was surprised by her extraordinary career after she was allegedly so cruel to him. Gravolet’s mom confirmed that DeGeneres was her employee at the time. The woman added that Ellen was very rude, but she didn’t know about bullying.

Ellen has faced a lot of negative publicity in recent months amid speculations on social media that she is unfair and mean to employees. Many ex-staffers describe The Ellen DeGeneres Show as a toxic workplace.

Gravolet insists that he is glad that the allegations are made public right now.

Source: independent.co.uk

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