Federal Judge Strikes Down Anti-Transgender Law For The Second Time

The United States District Court of Idaho overturned a ruling that prevents transgender people from making changes in their birth documents. Surprisingly, the court had to do this not for the first time!  The judge based her verdict on the court’s previous decision concerning trans people being able to adjust their birth documents to their gender identities.

Judge protects trans rights

Despite the progress made by the United States of America in protecting LGBT+ rights, trans people still face discrimination accessing social services. Luckily, federal authorities act as watchdogs of justice and equality.  

Recently, the federal judge forces the Idaho Department of Health and Welfare to create a procedure for trans people to allow them to modify their birth certificates according to a ruling released in 2018. That case was about a trans woman who was humiliated when she demonstrated her birth documents. The judge conducted that the bar on transgender people trying to correct their birth certificates abuses human rights.

However, earlier this year, Idaho passed a rule that prevented transgender people from editing the sex record in their birth certificates. They changed their application form, explaining that a birth certificate is a “historical document” and can’t be corrected in this way.

Judge Dale, in turn, explained the IDHW’s new applications violate the 2018 injunction and should be revised.

Source: eastidahonews.com

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