Going equal: Dutch constitution replenished with a provision protecting LGBT

Going equal: Dutch constitution replenished with a provision protecting LGBT

The Netherlands is set to protect LGBT-people of future generations. They are planning to do just that by adding provisions to Article 1 of the Dutch constitution.

The government is now one step closer to completing the Article. Its House of Representatives voted for the proposal with 124 in favor and only 26 against.

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Country’s LGBT activists expressed their joy about the event. Astrid Oosenbrug, the chairman of Cultuur en Ontspanningscentrum organization, commented on it. She said that passing the proposal was an important step in the way of recognition of the LGBT+ rights. Astrid has worked for it for almost two decades.

It is especially significant in the nowadays state of nonpunishable violence towards LGBTQA+. Even more important it is for the future. So that generations to come may enjoy the rights people are fighting for today.

Next step is the Senate

According to the first Article of the Dutch constitution, discrimination is outlawed. Whether on the basis of religion, belief, political affiliation, race, or gender.

As the amendment was discussed, it was confirmed that in this case the word ‘gender’ is extensive. Article banns discrimination on the basis of any gender characteristics or expressions. Thus, it protects transgender and intersex people, too.

LGBT-representatives completed the list with ‘sexual orientation’ and ‘disability’.

But the successful voting in the lower house of the parliament is not the end of it.

After the House of Representatives, the vote goes to the Senate. The proposal then has to be approved by the majority after the parliamentary elections. Next elections will take place in March of the next year. Then, hopefully, it becomes officially constitutional.

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Besides the elaborating of ‘gender’, some politicians have argued that age must be added to the list. But the fate of such a proposal will be decided at another time. 

The Netherlands once held the championship in the field of rights protection. It was the first country to legalize same-sex marriage, way back in 2001.

But today the Netherlands is only ‘one of’ the most equal European countries. In 2020 it was ranked 11th, with Scandinavian countries, UK and Portugal close ahead.

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