Hallmark Will Show A Lesbian Wedding, But Conservatives Are Enraged

It finally happened! The Hallmark Channel will demonstrate a same-sex wedding in its forthcoming film. It is the first time the platform has shown a homosexual couple celebrating a marriage. While a lot of people expressed support for this decision on social media, Christian conservatives aren’t happy.

Wedding Every Weekend

The romantic movie, called Wedding Every Weekend, isn’t actually a gay love story. The narrative focuses on a man and a woman – Nate and Brooke – who attend several weddings in a few weeks. Nate and Brooke aren’t interested in relationships and don’t want their friends to worry about their companions at weddings, so they decide to be ‘wedding buddies.’ Then, they realize that it is more than friendship, but we don’t want to spoil the movie.

One of the wedding ceremonies they participate in is a lesbian wedding. This fact seems to be too much for Christian conservatives at One Million Moms. This group launched a petition to encourage its activists to ostracize Hallmark. They accuse the channel of supporting the LGBTQ agenda and featuring controversial topics.

One Million Moms says they have more than 60,000 signatures for now. Wedding Every Weekend will be aired on Saturday, August 15.

Source: nbcnews.com

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