Homophobic Taxi Driver Bashed His Client After Discovering He Was Gay

The victim then required stitches, and is afraid to be alone at the moment.

One weekend in Paris, a bigoted Uber taxi driver just knocked out a gay man. The victim, identified as Mohamed, 27 years old, stated that the driver forced him out from the car and then knocked him unconscious. The driver escaped the place before the police officers’ arrival.

Together with his female friend, Mohamed was on the way back home after an evening spent boating with the company.

As the ride went on, Mohamed and his friend started discussing some guy Mohamed had chatted with during that party. The driver who heard of the topic instantly demanded that the man leave the car.

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The passenger got distressed and tried to order another car to assist them while his friend was arguing with the taxi driver. However, Mohamed had had enough. He told him it was 2020, and he was proud of being gay.

At that point, the Uber driver just exploded. As Mohamed tells it, the homophobe gave him two punches, and the victim became unconscious. Then, the driver rushed to escape while Mohamed’s nose was bleeding.

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Police officers then delivered Mohamed to the hospital, where medics assessed the head injury. The open nose wound needed five stitches to fix it.

Source: lgbtqnation.com

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