How It Started: The First Gay Pride Parade

first gay pride
Image: Photo by Diana Davies/The New York Public Library

The first marches in the world took place half a century ago in cities such as Los Angeles, Chicago, New York, as well as in San Francisco. The now widespread movement arose in 1969 during the protests against the riots in Stonewall.

Lilli Vincenz called the march depicted in the video quite simply and succinctly “Gay and pride.” At that time, on June 28, 1970, the march was called “Liberation Parade on Christopher Street.”

Thanks to these events, the collection of the US Library of Congress has been replenished with this video and anyone interested can get acquainted with it.

During the parade, posters with different slogans were used, for example: “Gay Pride” or “Smash sexism.” In addition to the posters, the marchers used chants like “Gay, gay, all the way” and “Say it loud! Cheerful and proud!

The film clearly shows that the event was attended by an incredible number of people, according to an independent publication, the crowd occupied 15 city blocks.

Pride still unites different groups of people, regardless of their skin color, age or other characteristics, everything is exactly the same as it was.

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In general, throughout the film, we hear the statements of LGBT+ people and get acquainted with their opinions. But there was also opposition in the person of a protester who described the march as vile and disgusting.

first gay pride
Image: Photo by Diana Davies/The New York Public Library

The guards who agreed to the march are shown in the film smiling, which cannot but rejoice. Although the people passing next to the protesters cannot hide their embarrassment. Fortunately, no one showed anger and aggression.

The LGBT community has been including people with different opinions and views.

There is a description of a dispute between two men in this motion picture. One of them expressed deep concern about some men who, in his opinion, “bring us a bad name”. Another man justified his comrades by the fact that some men and women also have sex in the park.

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Some of the gays justify themselves by saying that they are doing a good deed for our planet and thanks to people like them, we are not afraid of a population explosion.

first gay pride
Image: Kay Tobin/The New York Public Library

One of the pride participants told the interviewer that he was invited here by his friends, and he is without a doubt convinced that the government should legalize homosexuality.

The ending of the movie is quite hilarious and introduces us to the usual ending of a pride party, where the protesters just dance and relax. Undoubtedly, parades are all as important as they were half a century ago. Pride is the embodiment of love and freedom, and these things will always be relevant.

Haters will continue to prove to us that prides are meaningless. But we all know that we have a goal and no one will interfere with our achievement. And the goal is to love and not to be judged for our love. We will remain cheerful and proud whoever says anything.

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Every protester is important to the pride because all the newcomers show their love for each other, all the demonstrators stand for freedom and are participants in one of the most important events in history.

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