How to Choose the Best Wedding Rings for a Lesbian Marriage

Best Lesbian Wedding Rings

What is the most important thing for your marriage? The first thing that comes to mind is engagement rings. You can save money on outfits or invite fewer guests if your budget is limited. But the celebration is not the most significant part of a wedding. The bands will remain with you forever to remind you of your happiest day. So, what type would you choose?

Good Classics

These are thin golden rings with no extra decorations. They may also be silver, but the main idea is clear: such wedding bands are plain and elegant. They are never old-fashioned, and always in style. 2 golden bands cost around $3,000-$4,000. They don’t have to be single-coloured. One of the websites offers an unusual option. A 2-tone ring has that classic look, but with a thin white stripe. It’s made of 18K rose gold.

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This type is no less popular than the first one. For instance, Krikawa jewellery designs amazing rings for lesbian couples. They offer quaint wedding bands like the Celtic Knot. A single band costs about $2,000. Depending on your taste, you can choose one with or without a big jewel in the centre.

Matching Wedding Bands

Some think it’s in bad taste, others believe that it’s cute. Either way, matching bands are a beloved variant for those who are going to marry. Some bands have half a heart each. Others have the partner’s name engraved. Anyone who looks at your hand will understand that you’re married. This is a sign of commitment to each other.

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What if you want to emphasize that your spouse is a woman? Then your choice should definitely fall on pride bands. Most of them have six colourful jewels. That shows your affiliation with the LGBTQ+ community. If you feel proud of being a lesbian, this is certainly a good choice. Besides, their price is lower than that of classical bands.



The most widespread material is, of course, gold. Golden bands are long-lasting and elegant. They need cleaning from time to time. If you do that regularly, the gold won’t fade. Still, this is the most expensive option. When you lack money, a possible alternative is to buy gold-plated rings. It will look the same, but we don’t guarantee that it’ll last for long. There are different kinds of gold: white, rose, yellow. The price depends on how many carats there are in the ring.

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Some people prefer silver when it comes to engagement. This material always looks noble and dainty. These bands should be cleaned and washed, as well. One of the advantages of silver is that it is much cheaper. Fine rings in sterling silver usually cost $200-$400. Along with gold, silver rarely causes an adverse reaction in skin.

Stainless Steel

This is for those whose budget doesn’t afford to buy silver or gold. Affordable rings cost less than $100. They are as beautiful as ones that are made from natural precious metals. But there is a serious drawback. They can react to your skin, so the finger will turn green. 

You should weigh all pros and cons before buying wedding rings. They should be pretty and affordable. The material should be reliable so that they won’t fade after a year. 

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Good luck with your marriage!

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