Important news for ‘Love, Simon’ fans: one more Hollywood coming out

Important new from 'Love, Simon' fans: one more Hollywood coming out
‘Love, Simon’, Netflix

Joey Pollari, known for his role in ‘Love, Simon’, says that the crucial point of this journey was coming out to himself.

‘Love, Simon’ melted many hearts – and must’ve encouraged many, too. Joey Pollari, who played a Waffle House waiter Lyle, may be one of those people. In an interview with Advocate, he came out – and we can only cheer for him.

The movie tells a story of a closeted 17-year-old Simon Spier and his coming out story.

Pollari told that the story of the main character, Simon, resonated with him. He then said that he doesn’t think it was a shock to his family. But for some people, it truly was a surprise. The actor admitted, that the most important is to come to terms with oneself. At the same time, this part is the least easy.

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According to him, some of his family members knew that Pollari is gay before him. He says that it was no secret to his mother, as she ‘always knew’. But his own thoughts drifted more towards shame, and that’s why it took him long to come out. The actor is 26 years old, but he came out to his friends and family at the age of eighteen.

Pollari then told about why he felt shame. He thinks that the common reasons for that are patriarchy and worldwide views on masculinity.

The actor admits that these things built his worldview and expectations of himself in a certain way. Understanding that these beliefs don’t work for him was difficult. Suddenly, all the plans for the future are wrong, and the usual men-to-women and men-to-men dynamic is not the same. And this just didn’t feel right.

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However, Pollari admits that sexuality is not as complicated matter as he thought it to be. It certainly influences his life, but it’s ‘a lot plainer’.

Joey Pollari’s thoughts are similar to ‘Love, Simon’ themes, which proves how close this story may be for people. No matter the sexuality, at some point everyone comes out of the closet into unknown territory. It’s just that some people are gay and experience it a little bit not like heterosexuals.

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