In Turkey, children were banned from painting rainbows


The Istanbul Museum of Modern Art has launched a campaign to support those who sit at home in quarantine. Children were encouraged to draw a rainbow and exhibit it in house windows. However, the Education Department saw this action as a bad sign.

Local teachers in Istanbul were instructed not to allow children to participate in the Istanbul Museum of Modern Art and not to draw a rainbow.

The Turkish Education Authority saw the children drawing and displaying the rainbow, a conspiracy of the LGBT movement. According to media reports, teachers were forced to extend the policy of not painting the rainbow.

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At Istanbul’s Museum of Modern Art, it was not recognized that painting a rainbow had anything to do with it other than lifting the spirits. The action was intended to unite the inhabitants of the country, and passers-by, seeing the children’s drawings on the windows, could be charged with positive.

Earlier it was reported that the sermon of a Turkish official caused a wave of homophobia. Thus, during the sermon, last Friday, which was broadcast on the Internet and social networks, the head of the Turkish Department of Religious Affairs Ali Erbasha said that “Islam curses homosexuality. He also said homosexuals “bring disease to the world and corrupt generations” and “spread HIV”. The hashtag #YallahHollandaya then became popular on Turkish Twitter. According to the Dutch edition of NL Times, this hashtag translates as Go to Holland – a slogan against LGBT people that is gaining popularity in Turkey.

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Homosexuality has been legal in Turkey since 1858. However, same-sex relationships are not legally recognized, and there are no laws in the country that protect LGBT people from discrimination.

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