Is the EU Going to Take Measures Against Anti-LGBT Government in Poland?

The political establishment is currently arguing whether both Hungary and Poland should lose EU funds due to their anti-LGBTQ+ policies dominating the county.

Voting on Poland’s EU status is about to be initiated in the European Parliament due to political demands for it to lose EU funding because of their LGBT+ policy.

EU funding has already been cancelled for six Polish towns. They call themselves the ‘LGBT-Free Zones.’

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Currently, campaigners are calling on Europe to take more aggressive measures.

Polish and European LGBT+ community representatives sent a complaint to the European Commission touching on the ‘LGBT-Free’ areas and ‘Family Charters’ in Poland this week.

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Miko Czerwiński of The Equality Foundation (pol. Fundacja Równości), one of the campaign initiators, stated these zones lead to LGBT+ persons facing violence and job losses. ‘Poland is violating fundamental rights,’ he added.

Moreover, a Dutch member of the EU Parliament, Sophie in ‘t Veld, admitted Poland has crossed one red line after another.

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Veld is also the vice president for the Intergroup on LGBT Rights of the European Parliament. The organization coordinated 32 MEPs to dress as a human rainbow flag in front of the parliament on Tuesday.


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