J.K. Rowling Returned Her Human Rights Award After Her Transphobic Tweets

J.K. Rowling eventually had to give back the Ripple of Hope award, which she was given last year by the Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights (RFKHR) group. Kerry Kennedy, who is the head of the organization, criticized Rowling’s points of view on Trans people. After Rowling’s anti-LGBTQ tweets and claims, the author and philanthropist has been highly criticized.

The head of RFKHR had spoken to J.K. Rowling and conveyed her deep disappointment. J.K. Rowling wrote a statement on a personal website, where she defended herself by listing her contributions to LGBT charities.

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She also stated that she supports LGBTQ people’s right to live free of persecution. Rowling denied the accusation that she hates Trans people or wants them to be sick.

Rowling also mentioned that she felt upset about returning her award, as it meant a lot to her.

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Kennedy claimed that Rowling’s words belittled the identity of non-binary and Trans people. J.K. Rowling keeps denying all accusative claims, but she felt she had no choice but to return the award.

Source: theguardian.com

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    “Transgenders” is not a word. It’s “trans people” or “transgender individuals”. It’s an adjective, not a noun.

    Think: “people who just so happen to be trans” vs. “The Transes”.