J.K. Rowling’s Views On Trans People Won’t Be Prosecuted Under A New Hate Crime Bill

Scotland’s justice secretary, Humza Yousaf stated that J.K. Rowling wouldn’t be brought to trial for her explosive social media posts about trans people under a new hate crime bill.

Her recent tweets about transgender people immediately caused a wave of criticism on social media. However, it did not lead to any legal consequences.

J.K. Rowling on trans people

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In laconic Twitter threads and the lengthy blog pieces, the ‘Harry Potter’ author has relentlessly expressed her opinion on one of the most vulnerable and marginalized communities all over the world with messages that have alarmed LGBT+ supporters. Many have accused Rowling of spreading misinformation or stoking hatred.

With hate crime rates increasing in the United Kingdom, the regulation introduced by Yousaf aims to upgrade the current law by including the sanctions for anyone who is trying to ‘stir up’ hatred.

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Some fear that the hate crime bill could put restrictions on freedom to express opinions on transgender rights.  However, Yousaf insists that even saying a trans person is not a real man or a real woman would not be viewed as a hate crime under the new legislation unless it was done in a threatening way.

Source: holyrood.com

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