Jennifer Lopez Shared a Short Movie Featuring Her Trans Nibling

Jennifer Lopez’s nibling, Brendon, will act in a short-length movie titled “Draw With Me“. Lopez shared this news on Instagram and said that the movie is very close to her heart.

The movie is about her nibling’s story and how their family accepted them as transgender. In the movie, Brendon will also talk about art and how it helped them to handle the emotions they experienced during that time. 

Jennifer Lopez claims the story is a family affair and it plays an important role in her life. Moreover, Lopez believes that her nibling’s story can positively affect those who are afraid to embrace their sexuality.

“Draw With Me” focuses attention on the importance of supporting a transgender relative and helping them to overcome challenges they face in the modern world.

Family support is always more important than society’s acceptance, after all. Although family and friends accept and support Brendon, they’ve still struggled with mental health issues for years. 

‘Nibling’ is considered a gender-neutral term that people use instead of nephew or niece. J.Lo’s nibling felt comfortable and confident about being trans in eighth grade. Lopez didn’t share the movie’s release date.


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