Joseph Pemberton Who Murdered a Trans Woman in Philippines was Sent Back Home at Taxpayers’ Expense

The government of Philippines deported U.S. Marine Corps soldier Joseph Scott Pemberton, who was convicted of murdering a transgender female back in 2014.

The President of Philippines, Rodrigo Duterte, absolutely pardoned Pemberton recently. The U.S. embassy arranged the deportation process and the Marine’s flight out was covered by the U.S. government. That’s what WP says.

Joseph Pemberton met Jennifer Laude, his victim, during his stationing in the Islands. The claim of “trans panic” defensive tactics was used by Pemberton in the trial, as he claimed fearing Laude might want to rape him after revealing the fact that she was transgender.

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Here is a quote from 2015, after Pemberton’s conviction, published in the AP: “Lance Corporal Joseph Scott Pemberton was convicted of homicide by first strangling Jennifer Laude and then dunking her head into a toilet bowl. (…) He was sentenced to 6-12 years in jail, with time spent in detention credited, said court clerk Gerry Gruspe.

Laude’s mother, Julita, said that while she was happy the verdict detailed everything that had transpired, she was not pleased with the jail term because she had hoped Pemberton would be found guilty of murder, a graver crime.”

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And in 2020, Pemberton was pardoned and flew home at the cost of taxpayers.


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