Judge Decides A Photographer Can Refuse To Work For Same-Sex Couples

Many same-sex couples face discrimination when it comes to social services and health care. However, private companies are not much better. You probably remember stories when bakeries didn’t allow same-sex couples to order cakes from them.

Today’s story seems to be even weirder. A federal judge has recently ruled that a photographer can refuse to serve same-sex couples. However, nobody has ever proposed her to do this. The photographer says she can’t capture homosexual weddings because of her Christian beliefs.

Bizarre court decision

The verdict has barred the city authorities of Louisville from forcing a photographer to work on gay weddings as she claims she can only shoot heterosexual couples. Is it necessary?

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In 1999, Louisville, Kentucky adopted a Fairness Ordinance, supported by the LGBT+ community. The legislation is aimed to fight against discrimination based on sexual orientation or gender identity and protect LGBTQ people in housing accommodation, public services, and at work.

Last year, a local Christian photographer urged to the Louisville District Court to prepare an order to be sure she is never forced to snap a same-sex wedding according to the Fairness Ordinance.

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As a result, the judge agreed with the photographer, adding that the United States is ‘wide enough’ for those who ‘refuse’ to celebrate same-sex marriage.

Source: courier-journal.com

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