Just like in Russia: Ukraine offered to fine for LGBT propaganda

Just like in Russia: Ukraine offered to fine for LGBT propaganda
Kyiv Pride, Ukraine

Elena Lis and Georgy Mazurashou, deputies from the “Servant of the People” party, have registered a bill that imposes fines for propaganda of homosexuality or transgenderism.

The corresponding bill (№ 3917) has already been published on the website of the Verkhovna Rada.

“Among the immoral threats of our time we should mention aggressive propaganda of homosexuality and transgenderism, aimed at destroying the institution of the family,” – says the explanatory note to the bill.

If the draft law is adopted, the Code of Administrative Offences of Ukraine will be supplemented with a special homo-fighting article #1802.

According to the new article, the propaganda of homosexuality or transgenderism “may adversely affect the physical or mental health, moral or spiritual condition and development of children and adults” and entails the imposition of a fine of one thousand non-taxable minimums (UAH 17,000 about 600 dollars) on citizens and three thousand minimums (UAH 51,000 about 1800 dollars) on legal entities.

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For homosexual and trans-propaganda, which “is expressed in a public demonstration of the way of life of persons who have same-sex sexual relations or identify with the sex opposite to biological, their orientation and behavior,” the authors of the bill propose to fine five thousand minimums (85 thousand hryvnias about 3 thousand dollars ).

For the same actions committed by an official or official, as well as assistance to such propaganda will entail a fine of eight thousand minimums (136 thousand hryvnias about 5 thousand dollars ).

The authors of the law believe that the introduction of administrative responsibility for the propaganda of homosexuality and transgender “is an important step, which has long awaited Ukrainian society.

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The Ombudsman’s Office has already stated that this bill does not comply with either the Constitution of Ukraine or international legal norms and is an attack on the rights and freedoms, honor and dignity of citizens.

If draft law No. 3917 is adopted in its original wording, it will be stricter than a similar law that has been in force in Russia since July 2013.

Our northern neighbors for “propaganda of unconventional sexual relations among minors” set much more humane fines: from 4 to 5 thousand rubles (about 72 dollars) – for individuals, and from 40 to 50 thousand rubles (about 721 dollars) – for officials.

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