LGBT Activists Stood Against Lukashenko in Belarus

The MAKEOUT team, the Belarussian pro-feminism and anti-discrimination project, had its members claim “solidarity with those who suffered and continue to suffer from injustice and criminal actions of the government.”

MAKEOUT decided to take part in different voluntary activities to support their co-citizens who joined the national strike called for by the Belarussian opposition leaders.

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“…Our common goal is to live without fear and violence for everyone regardless of sexual orientation, gender identity, age, appearance and political preferences,” activists claimed. “We call everyone to express solidarity for those who suffered, with families of those who died, with those who pass through psychological traumas or shock, who face bullying or blackmail during the strike…” 

Quir-activists also added:

“Please, take care of yourselves, stand strong, and remember that together we are stronger than fear…”

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In Belarus, the massive protest against the claimed President, Alexander Lukashenko, has been taking place since May 24. In early August, riots began as a reaction to presidential election results where Lukashenko officially gained over 80% of the votes. Protesters claim the results are fake. 

Source: Washingtonblade

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